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"Nahin Jnanena Sadrusham” -There is nothing powerful than knowledge


Our college is providing good library facilities with  INFLIBNET E-Resources and separate library hall contenting 4720 volumes, in various subjects. Beside this we are posing donated books from public, students and  staff.   We are utilizing this library through 05 computers. We have been providing  12 journals and 05 Magazine in the college on various subjects. This library Resources are very helpful for students and Teaching Staff to  study and to conduct Research works on their respective fields.


To establish a Library that serves a source of generating information and knowledge with globally responsive resources and services. To support instruction, research and  extension services.


  • To encourage academic achievement, success and lifelong learning to enhance teaching excellence.

  • Following Dr S R Ranganathan’s principles for supporting quality library services and  management.

  • To make a better atmosphere of learning experiences to inculcate discipline, responsibility towards the society.

  • By facilitating the need-based information, the library aims to motivate the readers to come up in their life with better citizens of the society.


  • To stimulate the students by providing the need-based information and cultivating the reading habits to support them for better citizens of the nation.


  • Students should produce their identity card as and when demanded by the library staff.

  • While entering in the central library or Reading hall Reader must show their I Card to the user tracking computerized system.

  • Keep your belonging at property counter while entering in the library.

  • Student should check the books before issuing. If you find any deficiency show it to the staff & take the signature.

  • Readers shall not write upon, damage, or make any mark upon any book, manuscript or map belonging to the library.

  • Erase of any mark stamp, label etc on a book or manuscript of map belonging to the library will be considered as misconduct and justification/fine will be charged.

  • Any Reader observing a defect, or damage to any book or manuscript shall point out the same to the library staff immediately.

  • Maintain silence in the library.

  • Mobile phones need to be switched off or kept in the silent mode before making entry to the library . Talking over mobile inside the library/reading hall is strictly prohibited. 

  • The library working Hours : 9.00 A.M to 5.00 P.M.

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Home: Clients
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